Tysabri & fire alarms

Today was my 1st treatment of tysabri,  it’s been a long weird day really but not as bad as I was expecting.

I was really nervous this morning, i’m not sure why? I wasn’t worried about the treatment, i just felt a bit nervous, like how you get before a job interview or something. I was half wanting to get it over and done with and half wanting to stay home. I think It was more fear of the unknown than anything else – a bit silly really!

When I got to the hospital I was early and had my book ready? I knew I would be here a while and wanted something to do to take my mind off things. I was walking through the car park and a fire engine came blaring past and pulled up outside one of the other units! I was half way along the corridor when I had to stop due to the fire alarm going off inside the wing i was going to! Typical! – this was not a good sign :/ but It was a false alarm in the end and after a long wait I got inside to check in.

I was sat in the ward waiting for a chair to free up and it was quite a relaxed place. People were reading, playing on phones & tablets or just sitting chatting with each other. Later when it quietened down people even went to sleep! The nurses were lovely too, you could tell they knew the patients and were asking about people’s family’s and jobs, everyone seemed really relaxed and comfortable in the ward.

My appointment was at 11 but it must have been a busy day and I suppose the fire alarms didn’t help either. I didn’t end up getting seen till half 12, it was 1pm by the time the drip was connected. I was starving and tired and already wanted to go home.

The needle bit was fine, they put the cannula in and a flush through first and then after that they hooked me up to the bag with the tysabi in it was set for an hour for the drip to go through, then i had to stay for an hour afterwards to make sure I had no reactions to the treatment. 

The fire alarm went off again while i was in the ward but we didn’t need to evacuate or anything exciting like that, it just woke the sleeping man beside me up and made the 2 women across from me complain about the noise! One of the men said every time the fire alarm goes off as a false alarm the hospital get fined £500! Not sure how true that is but if it is they lost a grand today while I was there!

I was then saved by a man bringing round lunch, yeah, who knew there was food, I’ve never been so grateful in my life. After a beef dip sandwich (I almost inhaled this I was that hungry) and a cup of tea I felt better and was having a great time. I got started on my book, with my feet up, comfortable and relaxed with my drip doing its thing beside me.

I never usually get a chance to read at home with having 2 kids under 5 there is just not the time, and to eat without sharing AND have a hot cup of tea is almost unheard of, it was bliss 🙂

Most people had now left and it was quieter with only a few of us left, it was really relaxing and I can honestly understand how people can sleep during this. More tea was provided along with biscuits and I was having a lovely time reading.

I found the treatment easy and nothing bad at all, I suppose I’m lucky as a lot of the people in the ward had mobility issues and other problems (i’m not sure everyone was there for the same thing as me) I have not seen any side effects either so far so I’m hoping it’s this easy every time. I’m already looking forward to my little bit of peace and quiet next month.

Feeling very blessed today 🙂


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