The effects of MS




4 thoughts on “The effects of MS

  1. keeleywilliams says:

    The effects of MS is crazy and it’s not just the one symptom it’s multiple. I get a lot of symptoms what’s above it’s a strange disease and hard for most people to understand. I was diagnosed at 21 and it’s still not even been a year! I have alot of family members older who all have MS on both maternal and paternal sides. It’s a very complex and common thing. Most of the time people assume I’m drunk from the way the symptoms effect me daily. I think younger people should be more aware as the consultant says I’ve had it since 12 but it’s never been diagnosed until last year.


    • it is such a complicated thing to live with as I’m just finding out.

      I feel quite fortunate as mine seems to be all contained in my right hand/arm at the moment. I tend to suffer with weakness, tingling and sensation, pain in my arm and shoulder. I have also noticed my right foot turns inwards.

      I’m just working all this out for and seeing how it develops from here.


      • keeleywilliams says:

        I understand very much how you feel. I have sensations all over and am in a wheelchair due to loss of core weakness. It’s frustrating and everyday you find out something new yourself as well as others family friends


  2. Keeley, I’ve just been reading you blog and what I am dealing with is so tiny in comparison. I love your fashion posts too! I don’t know what the future holds but think one day at a time for me, as this is as much as me or anyone else can do.


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