Laughter is the best medicine 💗


When you have a small moment that has a huge impact, and suddenly your pulled back into the right way of thinking.

Last night me and my husband were discussing my MS and how things may change for us. I was dwelling on small trivial things that I shouldn’t . The sudden realisation that this is permanent and i’m going to have this forever had suddenly sunk in. I had really hoped I would take it better.

It had somehow turned into a serious and quite negative conversation which helps no one, I found myself fixating on stupid things and could tell if this went on my head would start spinning. I’m usually not like this and hate the whole feel of talking like this. Maybe it’s because I hadn’t seen him all day and have to talk at 100 miles an hour about every random thought I’ve had! Something I know that drives him mad haha.

My lovely, amazing husband then manages to have me in hysterics, literally crying with laughter. Love how someone knows exactly what you need at just the right time. This is how I know we will be fine, no matter what comes at us or how bad it may be.


2 thoughts on “Laughter is the best medicine 💗

  1. Sunshine says:

    4 years after my diagnosis, my husband is still the one who gets me through my day — remembering all the things I forget (pills, lunches, the fact I’m still in my slippers on my way out to catch the bus) and reminding me of the important things. Of course I’d be lying if I said we didn’t flare up at each other, but I usually manage to remember why: it’s hard work being a caregiver, especially to a high-strung know-it-all like me! 😉 I’m happy to hear you have such a great relationship, Sarah; with a little patience and insight it’ll only get better…


    • I’m lucky i’m not having to go it alone – i have an amazing family who understand and look after me when I need it – and yes I am a nightmare to live with – don’t know how they do it haha x


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