No use crying over spilt milk

Today didn’t got off to the best start, while making a bottle for my little boy at breakfast time I managed to drop it all over me,  the baby and floor! Very clever. After a full outfit change for us both and a clean floor (with full screaming baby now as he wanted his milk 5 minutes beforehand) I then pick up the bottle with the remaining milk in and proceed to drop it on the work bench! Honest I couldn’t make this stuff up! Stupid hand.

Thankfully that was the worst part of my day. I had loads of energy this morning and after his bottle a very content baby, so I decided to tackle the bedroom. I had a charity bag filled in no time and some of the baby stuff put aside to sell. We are hoping to sell and move house next year so I’m trying to clear out as much as i can, this is hard to do with 2 kids in the house who want to ‘help’ you. I’d even also managed to tidy up some boxes and strip the bed while i was in there. I was on a roll! as it was going great, I tidied the kitchen and living room, put the ironing away and hung the washing up! By lunchtime the house was looking very neat indeed.

My 4 yr old then returned from a sleepover at my mam’s house, team her and my little boy together and the house was trashed again!

It was cleaner than it was tho which is the main thing, and i have another bag to go to the charity shop. I will clear this house 1 bag at a time!

Tonight i am wiped, I think shower and early night is on the cards.


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