MS & being a Mam of 2

The most exhausting thing I deal with on a daily basis is without a doubt dressing and changing my one year old.

He is at that age where they fight you every step of the way, he will scream, kick, roll over, pull his clothes and nappy off and generally do everything is his power to escape from you. This usually results in some pretty interesting ways to get dressed, and no amount of toys or objects will keep him still now for a nappy change so the best plan I’ve found is to always just dive in and hope for the best, and keep telling yourself he will grow out of it.

All kids do this, my daughter who is nearly 5 went through this, I remember the desperate battle to change her clothes, fasten her coat and put her shoes on. It was a struggle back then but im finding it especially hard with my hand and arm as it is.

Things I struggle with now is my right arm and hand. My fingers don’t function and I have no grip, my wrist hurts and has no strength and my shoulder constantly aches. I find buttons and poppers difficult when the kids are still, having to hold a screaming, kicking child takes twice as long and causes a lot of pain in my arm.

My little boy has only just gone 1, I know this goes on of a while and is then replaced by other things:

● Going rigid when you try to strap them in the pushchair or car seat. 

● Flying legs when you try to put them in a highchair or shopping trolly.

● Going limp or lying on the floor refusing to move so you have to carry them. 

● Running away/having a tantrum so you have to carry them away.

● Being too tired to walk so needing to be carried.

All these things i’m sure I will find difficult when I come to do them second time round. There is 4 years between my daughter and son, and things just don’t work like they used to. Fastening my daughters buttons on her school cardigan, putting plaits in her hair and getting a zip fastened are really hard tasks now and it’s really frustrating. This is before you even count sleepless night and early rises.

I’m hoping they look after me when they are older after all this!


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