Hi I’m Sarah :)

Hi Im Sarah, Im 28.

I was diagnosed with MS in August 2014 Relapsing Remitting (RMMS) so I decided I want to keep a blog to kind of record my journey, treatment and thoughts.

I’m not sure if I’m writing this for just me or to share with people yet so a lot of it may be my crazy rambling for a while.

Anyway about me, I live in the north east of England with my amazing husband, my beautiful lovely and lively daughter who is 4 and my cheeky boy who is 1 next week.

I love spending time with my family – I’d like to keep enjoying it as I am for as long as I can.


2 thoughts on “Hi I’m Sarah :)

  1. Hello! I with you on this strange club of rrms.. I was diagnosed 2 years ago and I blog too at http://www.memsandbeingmum.wrodpress.com please do take a look. My kids were nearly 5 and 2 when I was diagnosed. people said that first year was the toughest and they’re probably right. But be strong and your life can change in many positive ways too. I have started to share information about research as well as the lifestyle management approach I take (see http://www.overcmoingmutliplesclerosis). I look forward to hearing about your journey. please shout if I can be any support. R


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