Let’s make a life list!

I was thinking today about how lucky I am today & how many things I’ve got to be thankful for, like my husband & children, my mobility, my home ….. The list goes on!

I was inspired by a bucket list I had seen, this person was facing some awful & scary stuff, yet instead of hiding away they were embracing life and raising money for charity too.

So I thought with all these amazing things I have going on I’d like to make a life list of things I want to do in my life … It may start off short and get added to along the way & things crossed off once they have been done 🙂

● Complete the great north run (GNR) and raise some money for charity. I have already done a 10k & raised nearly £300 for macmillan but have always wanted to run the GNR.

● Take my family to disney land Florida for the ultimate family holiday!

● Do a zip wire challenge,  i’m terrified but think it would be amazing!

● Watch film in a park, some sort of outdoor screening!

● Go ice skating on an outdoor rink.

I can’t think of anymore but will add them when I think of them.





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