Aches & Pains

My wrist and shoulder hurt a lot today, I was trying to explain it to my husband, its like someone has stamped on my wrist and slammed me into a concrete wall, its like the pain is coming from inside the bone, its really weird trying to discribe it as it sounds so exaggerated and I couldn’t think of something to compare it too. It started hurting yesterday, and by last night it was agony. I’m not a huge fan of pain killers but have been taking them more and more the last few months just to get by.

The problem I have is I can’t take anything too strong,  I get up through the night with the kids sometimes and don’t want to be like a zombie, and I’m home with them through the day and use the car a lot. I was originally given a stronger painkiller by my GP after I’d said paracetamol and ibrufen did not take the pain away, so I’d taken 2 of tge strong ones one  morning, and after an hour I was really foggy headed and not with it at all. I was actually driving the car and a felt floaty, that is never good!

It took a little while to realise it was the tablets that were making me like this, so unfortunately they had to go. They were replace by something not as strong, I don’t feel floaty and out of it, but they hardly touch the pain! Especially on a night time. 

I struggle to get comfortable in bed as my wrist hurts when it bends (impossible if you sleep on your side) and my shoulder either can’t take the weight on it all night, but if I turn over it aches like it needs a support for it. I can’t win, then usually if your really settled and comfy a small person will wake you for something.

I’m lucky so far the pain isn’t a constant, it does flare up tho, its probably bad now as I’ve been running twice last week. The movement of my arms when I run I think makes it flare up more for a few days, I enjoy running and don’t want to stop. Anyway carrying a 1 year old around makes it flare up too, I should probably stop that rather than the running as he weighs a ton these days 🙂

Off to take some more tablets and hopefully get some sleep … Night 



MS & being a Mam of 2

The most exhausting thing I deal with on a daily basis is without a doubt dressing and changing my one year old.

He is at that age where they fight you every step of the way, he will scream, kick, roll over, pull his clothes and nappy off and generally do everything is his power to escape from you. This usually results in some pretty interesting ways to get dressed, and no amount of toys or objects will keep him still now for a nappy change so the best plan I’ve found is to always just dive in and hope for the best, and keep telling yourself he will grow out of it.

All kids do this, my daughter who is nearly 5 went through this, I remember the desperate battle to change her clothes, fasten her coat and put her shoes on. It was a struggle back then but im finding it especially hard with my hand and arm as it is.

Things I struggle with now is my right arm and hand. My fingers don’t function and I have no grip, my wrist hurts and has no strength and my shoulder constantly aches. I find buttons and poppers difficult when the kids are still, having to hold a screaming, kicking child takes twice as long and causes a lot of pain in my arm.

My little boy has only just gone 1, I know this goes on of a while and is then replaced by other things:

● Going rigid when you try to strap them in the pushchair or car seat. 

● Flying legs when you try to put them in a highchair or shopping trolly.

● Going limp or lying on the floor refusing to move so you have to carry them. 

● Running away/having a tantrum so you have to carry them away.

● Being too tired to walk so needing to be carried.

All these things i’m sure I will find difficult when I come to do them second time round. There is 4 years between my daughter and son, and things just don’t work like they used to. Fastening my daughters buttons on her school cardigan, putting plaits in her hair and getting a zip fastened are really hard tasks now and it’s really frustrating. This is before you even count sleepless night and early rises.

I’m hoping they look after me when they are older after all this!

No use crying over spilt milk

Today didn’t got off to the best start, while making a bottle for my little boy at breakfast time I managed to drop it all over me,  the baby and floor! Very clever. After a full outfit change for us both and a clean floor (with full screaming baby now as he wanted his milk 5 minutes beforehand) I then pick up the bottle with the remaining milk in and proceed to drop it on the work bench! Honest I couldn’t make this stuff up! Stupid hand.

Thankfully that was the worst part of my day. I had loads of energy this morning and after his bottle a very content baby, so I decided to tackle the bedroom. I had a charity bag filled in no time and some of the baby stuff put aside to sell. We are hoping to sell and move house next year so I’m trying to clear out as much as i can, this is hard to do with 2 kids in the house who want to ‘help’ you. I’d even also managed to tidy up some boxes and strip the bed while i was in there. I was on a roll! as it was going great, I tidied the kitchen and living room, put the ironing away and hung the washing up! By lunchtime the house was looking very neat indeed.

My 4 yr old then returned from a sleepover at my mam’s house, team her and my little boy together and the house was trashed again!

It was cleaner than it was tho which is the main thing, and i have another bag to go to the charity shop. I will clear this house 1 bag at a time!

Tonight i am wiped, I think shower and early night is on the cards.

Nursery visits & A&E

Well today started out like any other, the usual madness in my house of getting the kids and me all ready to go out. My daughter was having a day with my parents while i took the littlist for his nursery visit to meet the staff before he starts his settling in visits.

The visit went really well, he was really shy & clingy for a bit but started playing with the others towards the end. When the snacks came out I thought I could have left him then and there! He was straight at the table for a bit banana.

I don’t think he will find it too hard to settle in come September. I’m still not looking forward to it but I feel a bit better now he has been. I have been home with him for a whole year so not sure how he was going to cope. My little girl started nursery at 8 months and it was hard at first but she did love it once she was in.

I also had to pop into work as they need a copy of my passport for there files, so after going home and a frantic search for it (why is it not in the import documents files with all the other stuff?) I was off out again,  baby and
bags in tow – all rushing today.

I arrive at work and feeling a bit funny, like dizzy, sick and a bit floaty. Decided it was probably the heat in the car, the rushing round and the fact I skipped breakfast this morning in the chaos.

Then after I left work I was really shaking, felt really dizzy and sick and like I would pass out. My friend lives juat around the corner so I went to her house as I had little man with me and I was driving. I thought ill have a cuppa and sit till it passes. I still wasn’t concerned just thought I’d done too much today.

I was there a couple of hours but I still felt unwell. I rang my mam and went home. She came and helped me with the kids and I thought I’d ring the hospital and see if this was common after treatment as they had told me to call if I felt unwell at anytime.

After speaking to the ward they asked if I’d spoken to my MS nurse, erm, she is on holiday and I’m a bit new at this, i’m not sure who i should call? They rang back after checking with a Dr and advised me to see my GP or local walk in centre. Off I went to walk in as getting a GP appointment for less than 2 weeks time is hard enough. My mam was driving and the kids both loaded into the car.

I waited at the walk in centre while my mam took the kids to her house as it was tea time and they were getting hungry. I was then told that walk in can’t deal with me and I need to go to A&E. Great. Here I was with no car or money on me needing to go to A&E (back in the town we have just came from!) and I don’t feel particularly well. I just wanted to go home, I’ve wasted enough time and feel if it was that important surely I would have been seen by my hospital when I rang? This is probably just a bug or a normal side effect and I’ve spent the whole afternoon feeling lousy going from one town to the next and wasting my time!

So here I am sat in A&E waiting to see someone to probably be told i’m fine. I just want to go to bed 😦 My mam is dropping the kids back off home as my husband will be in from work now, so at least they are sorted. It’s not really fair to lump this on him when he has just got home tho.

It’s never just a normal day…..